"I'm a personal trainer and posture therapist and I'm extremely picky when it comes to massage.  Jessica is by far the best massage therapist I've ever been to.  It was truly a therapy session for my body as she used her anatomy expertise and intuitive energy to release and relax my muscles.  I could tell true change was happening in my body.... and I am so excited to have found her!"
- Kelly J.

"Jess is the absolute best!  I've had a lot of massages in my day, and Jessica blew my mind when I had my first massage with her.  I am constantly telling her that she can never move away!  She is deeply intuitive and knows exactly how to get to the source of the problem (which is, interestingly enough, often not where you are actually feeling pain).  She can 'undo' anything stupid I do to myself.  I have her on speed-dial for rollerskating injuries, arm-wrestling technique issues, and just plain old age-related ailments.   She is very personable and makes everyone feel comfortable.  While my gut instinct was to keep her a secret (!), I've ended up referring Jess to everyone I know:  guys, girls, my mother-in-law, my kid, you name it.  Everyone loves her.  I even take her to do massage on my yoga retreats that I lead.  She adds an extra layer of awesome.   Do your self a favor and book a massage today!"
- Sarah R.

"I was referred to Jess after straining my quad playing league soccer here in Austin. I workout and train regularly and wanted to make sure that in getting treatment from Jess I would understand the nature of what happened and what I needed to consider to get back to health and stay on the field. I had three sessions with her and was able to resume my schedule;  I can't wait to get hurt again! :) "
- Steven D.

"I've gotten massages on the regular for years, and Jess has spoiled me for anyone else forever. She has that seemingly magical ability to "read" one's body with her hands and intuit exactly what to needs to be done to get to the bottom of the issue. I've had chronic migraines for several years, and it was only when I started seeing her every week that I started getting some traction with my migraine management. She ain't cheap, but the best never is! In addition to her amazing skills, Jess is an exceptionally warm, funny, and all-around wonderful person to be around. And the bungalow is the cutest little spot!"
-Alex M.

"After my third or fourth massage with Jess, I noticed how small her hands are. Small and powerful! A massage by Jess is a transformational and healing experience. She always gets right to the heart of the problem and fixes it. Jess makes you feel comfortable from the get-go, and is one of those rare people whose passion for her work and your wellbeing consistently shines through."
- Karen K.

"I had an issue with my groin/hip area that wouldn't go away. I was getting massaged pretty regularly to keep it under control, which was nice, but expensive. Then, I met Jessica. After two massages with her, it hasn't bothered me since. Now I just go see her to relax. I would highly recommend her."
- Geneva M.

"I've had many massages over the years, but Jessica is one of the absolute best. She has been able to give me relief from chronic pain issues when nobody else could. She is so knowledgeable and intuitive!   I highly recommend Jessica for pain or stress relief!"
- Karen C.

"Jess is so amazing! I have had the pleasure of receiving a massage from her several times and I always walk away feeling mentally and physically sound. She found places on my body that I didn’t even know were hurting!  Her attention to each body part shows me that she knows the physiology of the human body and is not just “rubbing my muscles'. I highly recommend Jess. Her work and her spirit are class act."
- Teresa P.

"Jess is so fantastic. Her therapeutic massage really helped me through a rough patch with neck issues and stress management. She has great knowledge of the body and physiology, and is really a lovely person. I highly recommend her!"
- Kristen C.